Top Five Causes of Spider Veins

There are many causes of spider veins and the only way for you to know how to get rid of them or treat them at least is to know too what caused your very condition. Here are some of the top five and most common cause of spider veins and checking which one caused yours will truly benefit you in a number of ways.


First most common cause of spider veins would be your current weight and lifestyle. You have been told many times over that you should exercise regularly and eat just the right amount of nutritious foods on a regular basis. But if you are the type of person who seems to miss the junk foods at the fast food, then you are more likely to gain an excessive amount of weight.


Being overweight or obese can cause spider veins because it makes it difficult for your legs to carry your weight while circulating the blood throughout your body properly. Thus, it is necessary to not only manage your weight but to also make sure that you exercise regularly because only when you do will you be able to really get rid of your stored fats and lose weight.


The next cause of spider veins would have to be your lifestyle. This includes the kind of industry you are in at the moment as well as your usual and daily practices every single day. You have to closely take note of these kinds of things because it will help you understand too what you are doing wrong and what seems to be causing your said condition.


Make it a point to understand the fact that you need to rest your legs all the time or find the best time to do so that wouldn’t necessarily affect your performance at work and only when you are able to do so will you be able to prevent spider veins from consuming you.


Another common cause for spider veins would have to be your hormonal changes and as women, you cannot really control these kinds of things. What you can do instead is to be a little bit more accepting of yourself and forgiving of yourself around this time to help you prevent yourself from acquiring spider veins.


Now that you know these causes, what more are you still waiting for? Address each of them now!

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