Facts Unveiled: How Do You Get Spider Veins

A lot of people who are surprised to find themselves dealing with spider veins usually have the same question in mind and that is, how do you get spider veins really because it seems that there’s really no symptoms for it. But if you take a closer look to your body and to your daily routine, you would know whether or not you are really suceptible to this kind of condition.


First of all, when asked how do you get spider veins, people’s response is usually that it is something hereditary. This means that if your family and other relatives are prone to acquiring spider veins then you would be too. But is that really the best answer? For some people, the condition can relatively be hereditary but for more people it isn’t. In fact, your genes do not dictate these kinds of conditions at all.


Rather, you can get spider veins through your very own lifestyle. For instance, if you happen to be working in an industry where you are required to stand most of the time, then your blood finds it difficult to circulate well. Of course at some point your legs would feel stressed, making it difficult for you to stand any longer. Around this time, you become more suceptible to this kind of condition.


If you happen to be obese or overweight, you are also more suceptible to spider veins because you must remember that your legs is the one that is carrying your entire weight. If you put too much pressure on it, then it would really break at one point of another. Combine being obese or overweight to a job that requires you to stand for long hours and you can expect to be faced with this kind of condition.


Some pregnant women are also very open about asking how do you get spider veins? Fact is, hormonal changes or being pregnant can also cause it because the body undergoes a major change and makes you gain weight too. In fact, even those who make good use of birth control pills can also be diagnosed with the said condition.


So now that you know some of the reasons how do you get spider veins, it is important to address them as soon as possible if you fall under any of these categories. This will definitely help free yourself from the trouble of having to endure something as serious as this.

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